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Dav -LynFarm

Welcome to Dav-Lyn Farm located south of Ft. Worth, Texas off Highway 35W. The first barn was built on the property in the mid 1970's. I have raised Nigerian Dwarf Goats since 1989. All my goats are triple registered AGS, ADGA, and NDGA. I show the goats and milk test them also. Go to the Breeding Stock page to review the animals that are in our breeding program.We sell our goats as pet or show quality, and guarantee their health at time of sale. Visit the Sale Barn for a listing of animals that are currently for sale. The milking credentials are listed with AGS/ADGA/NDGA in that order and format.I like to price my goats within everyone's pocketbook. Only then will sales flourish and buyers be satisfied in the long run. I don't do this for short run as you can see from how long I have been in it. My goal is to be as honest with each buyer as I know how to be.Of the breeding does in my herd on milk test, most achieved their Advanced Registry status.I look forward to hearing from you.Lynn McAdoo

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

A tender moment with Eve and her newborn doeling.

We are going to take real good care of you when we grow up